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What Attracts Mosquitoes to People​

Swimming pools, barbecues, and fishing holes have us dreaming about the lazy days of summer, but playing in the great outdoors makes us targets for mosquitoes, and they’re always looking for their next meal. Mosquitoes are attracted to people — and we’re all on the menu.

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What Causes Bed Bugs in Your Nashville, TN, Home?​

Living in Nashville, TN, can be a fantastic experience filled with great food, culture, and attractions. However, there is one thing that can quickly make life miserable: bed bugs. Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are becoming increasingly common in this bustling city. In fact, according to some surveys in the past years, Nashville ranks high among major U.S. cities for bed bug infestations.

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What are Tarantula Hawks?

The tarantula hawk, despite having a confusing name, is one of the most giant insects in the United States. Sitting at a staggering two inches, this wasp can take down almost any insect, even some small mammals.

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