Opossum vs. possum — Hanna’s student essay

Opossum Vs. Possum

While opossums and possums are both marsupials and have similar snout, eye, and feet shapes, the similarities end there. Opossums are small, rat-like creatures with brown haired bodies, white haired faces, and rat tails. Possums are small, chinchilla-like creatures with no fur color difference from their face and body. Still cannot tell the difference? Where are you in the world? Opossums originate in North America, while possums originate in Australia.

While most people find opossums and possums to be disgusting, they are actually extremely helpful creatures. Opossums and possums rarely carry rabies, and they keep ticks out of your garden! They are also completely harmless to you.

Author: Hanna Hatfield

Purdue University

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