What are Tarantula Hawks?

The tarantula hawk, despite having a confusing name, is one of the most giant insects in the United States. Sitting at a staggering two inches, this wasp can take down almost any insect, even some small mammals.

Mud Daubers or Dirt Daubers?

Dirt Daubers or Mud Daubers? Everything you’ve wanted to know about these giant wasps If you have seen a mud dauber or dirt dauber flying around your yard, chances are that it is looking for a place to build its nest. These insects primarily live in warmer climates, so they can be more of an […]

What is The Tarantula Hawk?

It’s commonplace in the United States to call exterminators for bothersome insects. Ants, mosquitos, flies, and hornets can all wreak havoc on households, and the pest control industry has a plethora of at-home ways to combat these intruders