Where does pest control spray in homes — Kylie’s student essay

Where Does Pest Control Spray In Homes?

Insects and pests are something no homeowner wants to see in their home. When that is unavoidable, many will reach out to a DIY solution, some treatment they hear as an old wife’s tale or call a professional pest control specialist. The most effective route would be to call a professional in to get rid of those nasty critters. They have the knowledge and training to get rid of these bugs safely and permanently.

It is often assumed that specialists would spray around the outside of the home in such cases. However, there has been some controversy as to whether they should spray inside the home. It has been proven that using the right chemicals/organics that it is both effective and safe to spray inside the home.

As to where these professionals choose to spray is somewhat of a science as well. Learning what type of insect it is, where it is coming from, what it eats and how it breeds all assist in knowing where to spray to rid these of your home. If pests are making their way inside, there is risk of infestations. Infestations can spread diseases. Pests can be living in places we can’t see with the naked eye. They come through holes and gaps anywhere inside the home.

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Applying pesticides inside will help lessen the pests inside because it kills live insects, eggs, and larvae. By spraying inside they can’t multiply. When determining where to spray in homes, the exterminators will inspect all entry points, like pipes, attics, crawlspaces, doors and windows. These are the common places insects and rodents like to enter. 

It is also important that they spray inside the perimeter of the home. If there are cockroaches and ants, control is usually in the form of bait traps. These are usually put in the cabinets. If there are fleas, a full perimeter spray is necessary as well as a fogger at times. Termites are sprayed both inside and outside of the home. Bed bugs are the most intensive of treatments. Spraying at any areas of signs are necessary as well as the perimeter.

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Because it is important to note that insect control specialists will use the least amount necessary to get rid of the insects or rodents. Any extra exposure to chemicals, no matter how mild, is prevented. Preparing for the specialist before he or she arrives by putting stuff away, moving things away from the walls, and covering stuff will allow for the specialist to get into all necessary areas much easier.

As you can see, depending on what insect or rodent you are trying to get rid of, the treatment can vary. Where they come in is always a need for direct spray. Specialists have expressed the importance of spraying at the point of entry in order to immediately stop entrance and keep them from multiplying. In doing so, it keeps down the need to spray in more areas of the home. At times that the case is more severe or infestation, spraying of interior perimeter walls along with other areas is needed. It is important to catch this in the beginning. Calling a professional is your best option.

Author: Kylie Baker

Arizona State University

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